2 + 2 + 5 = A Lot!


John and his wife, both in their early twenties, recently contacted us with a dilemma: They were in need of food, and fast! This is their story…


John and Marjorie married young and have two daughters of their own. A few years ago, John’s parents lost custody of his five younger siblings which absolutely broke his heart. After seeing his brothers and sisters in so much pain, plus living with an unfamiliar family, John and his wife couldn’t bear it any longer. They lovingly decided to adopt all five of his siblings and they’ve been living as one big, happy family ever since.


With seven children under their roof (ages 3 to 13 years old), and with wanting to take care of them and provide a “forever” home for them, they purchased a fixer-upper to house the entire group. That came with its challenges, including black mold behind the kitchen cabinets (which all had to be torn out), and a host of other unexpected surprises. Three of his children have been without beds and, with the increased cost of living expenses and a car payment each month, there was very little left over for groceries, let alone any ability to buy furniture. Despite help from the food bank and other agencies, John and Marjorie found themselves skipping meals just so the kids had enough to eat. Their credit cards were maxed out due to school starting and them needing to buy clothing and school supplies for the kids, and, well, the list of difficulties just goes on and on. Even though John and Marjorie were doing so much to bless these kids and make a better home for them, they felt like all they were doing was failing every day.


When John reached out to us and shared his story, we wanted to do something. So, in addition to helping provide food and other household goods and supplies on a regular basis, we will also be working with them closely to see what else we can do to help alleviate some of the pressures they have in caring for so many with so little. We will keep you updated on this precious family and their progress as more information becomes available.


Fall Festival:


We did things a little differently this year for our annual Fall Festival on October 31, 2017. Rather than hosting an event on our campus, we partnered with five different ministries and churches throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond — from Thousand Palms to Mexicali — providing them with bulk food, beverages, candy, inflatable bounce houses and carnival games for their community outreach events. Over 3,500 people participated in these outreaches and heard the gospel, and hundreds responded to the message presented, praise the Lord! We were blessed to participate in these various outreaches and we’re so grateful for the lives that were changed as a result.


Food and Clothing Outreach


Our Food and Clothing ministry to those in need continues to bless families on an ongoing basis with groceries, clothing, diapers, hygiene items and brand new housewares to take home, thanks to the generous support of our partners like Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Lotshaw Helping Hands, Fred Jordan Missions, and of course, our precious donors who continue to stand with us to bless those in need through their generous giving.


We are also excited about being able to once-again supply other churches and ministries with bulk food and product for the impoverished children and families they serve, which is a blessing and something we are thrilled to be able to do again on a larger scale.


Future Vision


We are continuing to seek the Lord for the next steps for Jordan Outreach Ministries, meeting weekly to pray and dream and put “feet” to the burdens and passions inside of us for reaching the lost, meeting the needs of others, growing and equipping the body of Christ, and ministering the love of Jesus wherever we go. We will keep you posted as more of it becomes clear, but we are confident Jesus has a plan and is executing that plan according to His will and timing. God bless! J