Kris and Joe Jordan

Our Story:

Joe and Kris Jordan founded the work of Jordan Outreach Ministries International in 1997. As the son of the late Fred Jordan, founder of Fred Jordan Missions on Los Angeles’ Skid Row, Joe grew up understanding the needs of homeless and underprivileged men, women, and children.  Joe was ordained after completing his formal education in Pastoral Ministries, Counseling, and Theology. During their time on Skid Row, Joe and Kris felt a strong pull back to the Coachella Valley but patiently waited on God’s timing to make it a reality.  That reality came in 1997. After serving as Fred Jordan Missions’ Executive Director/Vice President for over ten years, Joe resigned and he and Kris moved to the Coachella Valley to begin what is now Jordan Outreach Ministries. 

In the fall of 1997, Jordan Outreach Ministries began under the umbrella of Fred Jordan Missions as Fred Jordan Missions-Coachella Valley. In 2001, Fred Jordan Missions-Coachella Valley moved out from under the umbrella of Fred Jordan Missions and became Jordan Outreach Ministries, an independent, Christian, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. 

Blessed with two beautiful children, Joe and Kris continue to work hand-in-hand declaring and demonstrating the love of Jesus to impoverished families and at-risk children and youth.

UPDATE: In April of 2018, after Joe’s mother suffered a stroke a few months earlier, she asked Joe to prayerfully consider taking over and leading Fred Jordan Missions into the future.  After much prayer and counsel, Joe and Kris were confident this was part of the Lord’s plan for them (and for Jordan Outreach Ministries), therefore on September 1, 2018, Joe took over the ministry of Fred Jordan Missions as President and Senior Pastor.    

Joe and Kris are amazed at how Jesus brought them back, full-circle, to where they first began over 30 years ago.  And now—Jesus is enabling them to minister not only within the Coachella Valley but also to those on Skid Row, to those living in the inner cities of Los Angeles, to viewers on FJM’s weekly television program, to pastors and leaders involved in FJM’s Center for Evangelism and hopefully soon, to young men and women who will enroll in FJM’s soon-to-be-birthed internship training program in downtown, LA. 

Ultimately, Joe and Kris envision the Lord merging both ministries together at some point, since the heart and vision are the same for both: “To declare and demonstrate the love of Jesus…”  Until then, Joe and Kris remain committed to serving Jesus together faithfully in both locations, so as to fulfill the calling Jesus has for their lives.