From Our Hearts To Yours


First, we want to thank each of you for continuing to stand with us prayerfully and financially throughout 2016.  Your support has meant so much to us, and even more so to the children and families you have blessed throughout the past year.


As we begin 2017, we are filled with excitement and anticipation toward all that the Lord has planned for Jordan Outreach Ministries.  Although we are continuing to serve the poor through our ongoing ministries to children and their families, we also know that Jesus has much more in store for us as His vision continues to unfold, piece by piece.


What that is exactly we do not yet know, but we have been sensing for many months now that there are going to be some new and exciting ministry opportunities just around the corner — so we are eagerly and prayerfully waiting on Jesus and His timing to bring those opportunities to light.


As we move further into 2017, we are humbly asking you to continue standing with us in doing the work Jesus has called us to do, as well as praying for us that His will would continue to be accomplished in this next season, with all diligence and faithfulness.  May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and yours this new year as you live for His glory!



Bringing Christmas To Them!


For this year’s Christmas For Kids event, rather than inviting those in-need to come to us, we decided to bring Christmas to them — TWICE!


On the Tuesday before Christmas, we stood at a school bus stop in the Mecca/Oasis area and handed out flyers to children getting off of the bus.  As we told them about our first upcoming Christmas giveaway that evening, some of them were so excited, they asked if they could help us hand out the flyers!  When event time drew near, we pulled our box truck and trailer (all filled with brand new toys and shoes) into the dual trailer park community to get ready for the evening’s festivities.  As children and families gathered for the event, we shared the gospel with them and many of them committed their lives to Jesus for the very first time!  Children then waited with eager anticipation for their gifts and shoes, getting more and more excited and jumping up and down as each one’s turn came.  Our awesome volunteers handed down toys and goodies from the back of the truck and each child got to pick out their very own pair of shoes.  It was so much fun seeing this community light up from the love and abundant blessings from Jesus!


The following evening, we surprised a different impoverished trailer park with toys and brand new shoes.  And even though it began to rain just minutes before our event was to begin, nothing was going to keep these families from attending because they had never had a Christmas party like this…and they weren’t about to miss it!  Just like the evening before, many put their faith in Jesus after hearing the gospel message presented and afterwards, children were so excited to receive brand new toys and shoes.  It truly was a Merry Christmas! 🙂