Community Outreach

Jordan Outreach Ministries goes into different impoverished communities and neighborhoods with their HOPE RIG to preach the gospel, bless children with toys and prizes, and distribute food and other necessities to the poor. The HOPE RIG is a 46-foot outreach trailer with a drop down side that becomes a 16’ x 8’ stage; it houses a 100 square foot storage compartment for transporting food bags, various products, bounce-houses and BBQ’s for each event; it contains an upper meeting and prayer lounge, and has a built-in restroom for staff and volunteers. (The Hope Rig is pulled by a Ford Crew Cab F650 truck for its weight and safety.) Jordan Outreach Ministries also partners with churches to help teach and train pastors to do local outreach and evangelism within their own communities, via the HOPE RIG.




Food and Clothing Distribution

Jordan Outreach Ministries provides bulk food sacks, clothing, and personal hygiene items to impoverished families in need, on an emergency as-needed basis. All distributed items are donated by local/regional grocers, retailers, other non-profit organizations and/or individuals.