Scripture Subjects is a resource book that serves as a subject Bible, a commentary, a topical concordance, and a scripture reference guide.  Scripture Subjects covers 48 biblical topics, providing readers with an easy-to-understand narrative of each subject and 2,923 authenticating verses of Scripture.  Scripture Subjects will help readers understand certain key, fundamental truths, and essential Christian doctrines.  It will assist them in discipling others according to sound biblical doctrine.  It will help equip them to defend the faith against falsehood and false doctrine, and will support them as they seek to grow in their faith. Scripture Subjects is a must-have resource for Christians of all ages and stages of Christianity.

Scripture Subjects is available in hardcover, paperback or ebook, and 100% of all proceeds go to Jordan Outreach Ministries to help “Declare and Demonstrate the Love of Jesus” to the poor.  Click HERE for a sneak peek at its contents!

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