We have all heard the old saying, “Boys will be boys.” There is a lot of truth to that, but sometimes boys are called to act like men whether they want to or not. Such was the case with Charlie…


A few weeks ago, one of our Kids Klub kids, Jeremy, was having an especially rough day. At eight years old, he can be a cute and funny kid – but you always have to keep an eye open in the back of your head for possible

“8-year-old-boy” antics.


One day during Kids Klub, Jeremy had lost his swimming privileges because of some trouble he had gotten into after arriving. Within a few minutes of hearing the bad news, be began to throw a tantrum. Pastor Rob asked Jeremy’s 15 year old brother, Charlie, to help us calm him down but it was not helping. We were a bit shocked because we had never seen this level of behavior with Jeremy before. He was banging his head against the wall and tried to bite Pastor Rob’s hand when he tried to buffer the blows. We immediately called his mother to come and pick him up. Thankfully before his ride arrived, we were able to calm him down to where he left on a more positive note.


Pastor Rob talked to Jeremy’s mom about the incident shortly after and was told that Jeremy had been struggling lately because he was not taking his prescribed medication. Although we were unaware of his diagnosis, we were glad to find some understanding for the issue. During that phone call, Jeremy’s mom asked Pastor Rob to talk to Charlie because he was struggling at home and in school. She mentioned his struggles with anger toward his dad (who is no longer with them) – and toward her and her boyfriend (which is not exactly a healthy relationship) – so Pastor Rob made sure that Charlie was his last drop off in the bus that evening…


15 year old Charlie has been coming to Kids Klub off-and-on for a few years now. He has had a hard time connecting with students and staff, and although he made a few friends, he always seemed a bit closed off. Pastor Rob was not sure how the talk would go, but he asked Charlie to stay and chat for a few minutes. It was then that Charlie began to share some of his home life situation.


He shared that his mom’s new boyfriend has a “past” that worries him. Even though she says he has changed, his actions are not matching up with those words (he was currently in jail for a DUI). Charlie said that he is just trying to look out for his mom, but he is frustrated that he is the one trying to make an adult decision for her. He then shared why he has not spoken to his dad in a few years. Charlie’s dad had a problem with alcohol and he could get violent when he drank. Charlie had witnessed his father abuse his mother and one day in particular went further than any of them expected. A few years prior, when Charlie was 12 years old, his intoxicated father went after his pregnant mother with a knife. Fortunately, Charlie and his younger brother were able to wrestle him away from their mom and throw him outside before calling the police. Eventually, his dad was deported. While Charlie’s mom still corresponds with his father, Charlie does not.


This is another one of those devastating situations that just makes you shake your head, take a deep breath, say a prayer and mourn with a hurting young man. We were glad it took Jeremy’s little “melt down” to uncover what the boys have really been dealing with, but it is heart wrenching nonetheless. Will you please stand with us in prayer for this entire family? Jesus knows the healing that needs to take place and we will do our best to aid Jeremy and Charlie any way we can. Thank you for standing with us as we continue ministering to children and families in need. God bless ~