In our December Ministry Report entitled, “Home for Christmas?”, we shared with you how Pastor Rob had heard some heartbreaking news from three of our Kids Klub regulars (Augustus, Daniella and Lenora) who, along with their parents, were being evicted from their home.


With Christmas just days around the corner, not only was it terrible timing, but the children had no idea where they would be living.  Their father, Gerardo, had been unable to work for several years due to a work injury (and he underwent nearly a dozen surgeries to try to repair the damage), but they had fallen severely behind in their rent as a result of him being out of work and not yet having received his work injury settlement.


Their landlord, as gracious and patient as he had been because he empathized with their situation, just could not continue to extend any more grace than he already had, so he began the eviction process and the family’s “move out date” was drawing near.


The children came to Pastor Rob for prayer and encouragement and he assured them that we would be praying for them and their entire family.


Fast forward a couple of weeks and Pastor Rob was deep into our annual Christmas Events planning. It was only a few days away from the first special night when we would be loading numerous children into our ministry bus and transporting them to a special Christmas Party sponsored by a local group of “Christmas Angels.”  The children’s wish lists had already been sent to these “Angels,” (including Augustus’, Daniella’s and Lenora’s) which included their clothing and shoe sizes as well as their toy lists — and although it’s such a joyous and fun time for all of these children — it was hard not to wonder where these three kids in particular would be housing their gifts.  A car is only so big for a family of five to live out of.


A short time after that, a different “Christmas Angel” (who had read the story in the December Ministry Report) contacted our offices because they wanted to help Augustus’ family.  By the grace and compassion of Jesus, this precious family made it possible for Augustus’ family to remain in their home for three months, giving them more time for Gerardo’s work injury settlement to hopefully come through!


Needless to say, this was a complete and total blessing (and shock) for this otherwise panicking family! A three-month extension will not solve all of their problems but it definitely keeps a roof over their heads through the end of March and it enabled Augustus, Daniella, Lenora and their parents to enjoy Christmas and New Years without the intense stress of figuring out where to go without any money.


Please continue to pray for this family because they are not out of the woods yet.  We are keeping in contact with their precious landlord and the situation, but even more so these children — because we want them to know  that Jesus not only loves them, but He was the one who sent this precious “angel” to them to help their family in their time of need.


Thank you, Jesus…thank you “Christmas Angel” (you know who you are)…and thank you to all of you for continuing to pray for this family and for Jordan Outreach Ministries.  And thank you for standing with us as we continue to declare and demonstrate the love of Jesus to the poor and the lost in 2017.  Until next month, may God bless you and yours!